Bitcoin Halving: In The Near Future..

Bitcoin halving

Bitcoin halving, Before talking about it. it should be said that Bitcoin has been launched. It is the digital currency created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. which inaugurated a new era in the world of currencies. This much-discussed digital asset has been encoded in a way that makes it difficult to access over time.

In addition, Bitcoin plays a pivotal role in transforming the idea of ​​digital cryptocurrencies. from a mere experiment into a sustainable and recognized financial reality.

The financial sector is also likely to witness more changes and innovations that support the development of Bitcoin and enhance its presence as a major financial instrument in the financial world. Even after the Bitcoin halving process took place.

Currently, the moment of halving the Bitcoin reward is approaching in a process called Bitcoin halving. It is an event that the cryptocurrency market is eagerly awaiting on April 19-25. The Bitcoin halving process took place on 04/23/2024. Now, Bitcoin is experiencing high price volatility. So what are the main things that investors should know and the upcoming expectations at this historic moment for the crypto market?

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What is Bitcoin mining?

In order to understand Bitcoin halving, we first have to understand “mining,” which we keep talking about. Bitcoin features a revolutionary way to facilitate transfer transactions. Blockchain technology acts as a decentralized record of these transactions. These transactions are also validated through a decentralized system that anyone with processing power can join. Furthermore, these people are known as “miners.”

In terms of how Bitcoin works, miners record the transactions they verify in data structures known as “blocks.” When a new block is created, it is added to the previous block chain. Which forms the blockchain structure, in addition to securing the Bitcoin network. Miners also receive a Bitcoin reward for their work.

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What is the Bitcoin halving system?

In fact, Bitcoin halving is a reduction in the block reward received by miners to half the current amount. This system is programmed to occur every 210,000 blocks, which is estimated to be approximately 4 years.

In his 2009 blog post, Satoshi Nakamoto explained that fiat currencies are fundamentally based on trust. He also pointed out that it was necessary to rely on confidence that central banks would not devalue currencies. But our history reflects violations of this trust.

For this reason, Nakamoto designed the Bitcoin halving mechanism, which slows down supply in order to prevent inflation.

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Bitcoin halving system mechanism

the Bitcoin halving system mechanism is programmed on a predictable date to bring transparency. and predictability to Bitcoin’s monetary policy. Conversely, with a supply limitation of only 21 million units, many liken Bitcoin to “digital gold.”

In fact, the reward that Bitcoin miners receive for verifying transactions on the network has been revised. It has also halved four times so far. This was done on specific dates: July 2012, May 2016, November 2016, and May 11, 2020. The reward for miners is expected to decrease after the fourth Bitcoin halving. Expected on April 19-20, 2024, to 3125 BTC.

Although the last halving is expected to take place in 2140, it is estimated that the total amount of Bitcoin. The amount of 21 million Bitcoins will be reached in the same year. After this point, miners will continue to collect commission fees from transactions. That is, after the Bitcoin halving process.

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What are the effects of Bitcoin halving?

A Bitcoin halving, in which miners’ revenues are cut by half, may occur in the short term. Effects on the profitability of low-efficiency miners. Especially in areas with high electricity costs. If some miners stop their operations for this reason, this may result in a decrease in the overall processing power in the network. Which leads to a decrease in network security.

Barring a similar decline in demand in the future due to the Bitcoin halving, a concurrent increase in the price of Bitcoin may partially offset the reduction in mining rewards. However, we should also take into account technological developments and changes in energy costs, which may affect mining profitability in the long term.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin halving may see new investors entering the market. It may prompt some existing miners and investors to reevaluate their strategies. Therefore, the halving represents an important turning point for market participants, whether they are miners or investors.

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The effects of Bitcoin halving on market structure and participant behavior

In fact, the effects of the Bitcoin halving play a crucial role in shaping the structure of the crypto-asset market and in the behavior of participants. This makes it an essential part of the Bitcoin market dynamics and associated mining operations. Where “Bitcoin’s weight will increase in cryptocurrency markets”

It is also expected that the weight of Bitcoin in cryptocurrency markets will increase significantly after the Bitcoin halving, according to Ismail Haq Polat, a researcher and university lecturer specializing in cryptocurrency markets in Turkey. Ismail Haq Polat also believes that the decrease in Bitcoin productivity after the halving, as Bitcoin production decreases from 6.25 to 3125 every 10 minutes on average, will lead to confusion in the balance of supply and demand, which may affect the Bitcoin market in general.

According to Ismail Hakbulat, Bitcoin has seen an evolution in its function across different time periods, as it was initially considered an underground economy currency and then became an investment tool for white collars in a certain period. It is then a popular investment vehicle of interest to technology companies in general in another period.

Now, with the emergence of ETFs and the increasing interest in them by institutional investors, Bitcoin could become an important financial instrument or even a reliable digital asset in global financial markets.

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The effects of Bitcoin halving on the weight of Bitcoin

Despite the fluctuations that may occur in the price of Bitcoin due to trade wars and economic conditions, it is believed that the weight of Bitcoin in cryptocurrency markets will increase after the Bitcoin halving. Although the halving is expected to cause a decline in the price of Bitcoin, it is likely to rise again and maintain its position as a leading digital currency, especially with continued interest in it as digital gold and a well-known investment tool.

In addition, it is believed that the demand for Bitcoin will improve after the Bitcoin halving process, especially with the strengthening of the concept of digital gold in the coming period, especially among the younger generation who are showing an increasing interest in technology. It is also expected that Bitcoin will return to feeling its traditional rise after the Bitcoin halving in the fall, but on the other hand, alternative currencies will also remain volatile and will keep pace with Bitcoin’s rise later. In this context, it is expected that cryptocurrencies will continue to perform well during 2024, specifically Bitcoin.

In fact, today’s cryptocurrency markets have become a huge ecosystem of altcoins. with their size and numbers constantly increasing. However, new uncertainties remain surrounding cryptocurrencies due to their more than 15-year history. unregulated structure and use of cutting-edge technology. so it is more difficult than ever to make accurate forecasts for the coming period based solely on previous Bitcoin halvings.

Overall, expert analysis shows that Bitcoin will continue to have significant weight in cryptocurrency markets in the long term. with its potential transformation into a recognized and widely used financial instrument in global financial markets. Experts also expect that the popularity of Bitcoin and its increasing uses will continue to expand. strengthening its position as a globally recognized financial instrument.


What is the Bitcoin halving process?

It’s the process of reducing the Bitcoin reward. that miners receive when solving new Bitcoin blocks. This process is designed to achieve an equal distribution of Bitcoin over time and to limit inflation.

What is the impact of the Bitcoin halving process on miners?

It’s affects miners by halving their rewards. meaning they get half the Bitcoin they previously earned when new blocks are solved. This can affect their profitability and cause some of them to stop mining temporarily.

How does Bitcoin halving affect its price and crypto markets?

It’s usually associated with an increase in its price. as investors feel confident of better distribution of Bitcoin and reduced potential inflation. This may lead to higher demand for Bitcoin and increased interest in crypto markets in general.

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